Break The Cycle Of Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Do you suffer from Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, or Depression? Perhaps you feel like you are living on the edge of nervousness all the time, always worrying about what could possibly go wrong? And does your future look hopeful to you? Or are you filled with dread and anxiety about what might be, constantly questioning the decisions you make and the actions you take. If so, then you are not alone. Between 1994 – 2004, visits to doctor’s offices for depression and anxiety doubled making it Canada’s fastest growing diagnosis.

Fear and anxiety are normal emotions that we all experience. However, when these feelings become all-consuming, to the point where they have taken over your life and are stopping you from living the way you would like to, then it’s time to take your control back through using hypnosis, and break the cycle of stress, anxiety and depression.

Some Other Quick Facts

  1. Anxiety is the most common mental illness in Canada
  2. 9% of men and 16% of women are affected any given year.
  3. Anxiety was the 5th most common diagnosis for Canadians in 2008 accounting for 6992 visits to doctors offices. 33% were men and 57% were woman.
  4. 57% of these visits resulted in a prescription for medication

Research On Emotions

Research is beginning to show us that our emotions will be a better predictor of future disease than the traditional factors such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity and smoking.

With doctor’s visits dominated by stress, anxiety and depression this may be showing us that our society does not have the necessary tools to cope with our emotions and the stresses we face. Especially when things in life arise such as divorce, death, a devastating disappointment or a financial mishap. When we don’t have the proper emotional tools in place then these events, along with the everyday stresses in life can take their toll on us.

Reprogram Your Brain For Success

If you don’t feel like you have the emotional health you would like, especially when it comes to dealing with stress, anxiety and depression, then here is how we can help you.

With hypnosis, we can begin the process of reprogramming your brain and help you alleviate stress and anxiety, build self confidence and tap into your inner potential for coping.

The emerging field of neuroplasticity is showing us that we can use the power of our minds to bring about the change we desire, and hardwire this new change into our brains. In our 7 step program, you will get the essentials you need to begin the process of reprogramming your brain for the success that you desire.

How It Works

At Bloom Hypnosis, our unique approach utilizes a combination of Hypnosis, the successful elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Personal Development Coaching. Simply put, we use what works!

You don’t need to suffer anymore

End The Cycle Of Stress Anxiety & Depression and Break Free Today!

At Bloom, we offer a 7 Step Program that will help you to Break The Cycle of stress, anxiety and depression, and become emotionally empowered and successful. We can help you to achieve the sound emotional health you are looking for in a few weeks to months, what would normally take years of traditional talk therapy to accomplish.

The Seven Keys To Success

In our 7 Step Program, we will help you get to the root of what is causing the stress or anxiety you are experiencing and implement new and effective strategies for coping that will have you feeling calm and empowered, regardless of what is going on around you.

Backed By Real World Science & Research

All of the methods we use at Bloom are scientifically researched and validated and will provide you with most effective ways to deal with your stress, anxiety or depression.

The 7 Keys To Breaking The Cycle of Stress, Anxiety And Depression And Create Sound Emotional Health

Key 1: Creating Your Ideal Self

At Bloom we want to give you an emotional make over. This is your opportunity to reinvent yourself, the way you have always envisioned you would ideally like to be. The very first step when it comes to making changes in our lives, must always be knowing what you want, where you are going, and why it’s important to you. When you know what you want, it can be like rewriting the owners manual for your brain, giving it a specific set of instructions that will act as pathway or roadmap for your mind and your unconscious to follow. This vision can also include things like, you being confident and self assured with resourceful behaviours. Through creating a vision of you as your ideal self, you will discover what is inspiring you to change at your deepest core level, and this will serve to motivate you

Key 2: How Our Minds Work: Developing An Awareness Of Your Thoughts & Feelings

This diagram shows us how the thoughts and feelings we have create a particular state of mind or attitude in us. Our thoughts feelings and state of mind are what drive our behaviors and our actions, and it is our behaviours and the actions we take in life that will ultimately create our reality. What reality do you find yourself in? Is it one where you feel empowered and confident about your abilities to handle most anything in life that can arise? Or are you apprehensive and anxious about what your future might hold.

How many of us have gym memberships realizing the importance of the need to work out our bodies and flex our muscles. But how often can you say you flex your mental muscles, focusing on positive thoughts, that are empowering and motivating? Thoughts that inspire you and bring you joy.

Far too often our mental workouts are neglected, and when this happens our minds and emotions can become overgrown and unruly with debilitating thoughts. Having these thoughts drifting in and out of our minds can often deflate us, undermine our confidence and cause us to doubt in our ability to manage life.

One of the key concepts we apply at Bloom Hypnosis in dealing with stress, anxiety, panic attacks or depression, is the idea that we have much more control over our Thoughts and our Feelings than we know. We will provide you with the necessary tools and exercises that will help you bring a sense of awareness to your thoughts, feelings and the state of mind you hold, and once you have begun to develop this sense, you will then find that you can begin to take charge of the Thoughts and Feelings that are causing you stress and anxiety and transform them into more empowering ones.

Key 3: Discovering Your Triggering Thoughts

Using Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, we will break down the structure of your thinking so that you can become aware of the internal triggers or “defeating thoughts” you have that cause you stress, anxiety and depression. These usually come in the form of pictures you are creating in your minds eye, what you are saying to yourself about yourself, and how all of this makes you feel that brings you down and creates a disabling state of mind.

Key 4: Using Your Thoughts In An Intentional Way To Create The Optimal State Of Mind

Once we discover the triggering thoughts behind what is debilitating you or brining doubt in your ability to take care of yourself in an empowered way, we will replace those thoughts with more empowering ones. With this awareness you can then begin to use your thoughts in a very directed and intentional way to begin to ‘live’ in a positive mindset.

Key 5: Getting To The Route Cause Of Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression

Hypnosis & Regression

Sometimes we can be unaware of what is causing us anxiety or stressing us out. Using the process of regression through hypnosis, we will take you on a guided exploration of your unconscious, going back to the route cause or deeper source of your underlying fears, or beliefs you hold about the world around you and your ability to cope. We will also investigate other possible issues that may be contributing to the way you are feeling. Once these discoveries are made we have won 50% of the battle, because you will finally understand what the unconscious drivers of your behavior are.

Knowing Is Not Enough

Knowing is not enough though. In order to be successful emotionally, we must then create and implement new behaviors and strategies for coping, which include remaining calm and resourceful regardless of what is going on in your environment around you.

Key 6: Implementing New And Resourceful Strategies For Coping

The next step is to create a set of new behaviours and personalized strategies that will allow you to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm, in a healthy and resourceful ways. We do this though mapping out the behaviours you would ideally like to have. We then hypnosis to implement these new behaviours. Included in these strategies will be a process that gives you the ability to process and transform your emotions in a healthy way. Hypnotherapy can also be used to tap into your already existing unconscious coping mechanisms, and bring them to your conscious awareness, so that they too can be a source of strength for you.

Key 7: Break The Cycle Of Stress, Anxiety & Depression Through Rewiring Your Brain For Success

Think of the brain like a CD that you put into your computer. The information needed to carry out the task has been burned onto that CD so the all the laser in the CD player has to do is follow the patterns burned into that CD in order to carry out the instructions. Your brain is like that CD. Any thought, pattern or behaviour we continue to engage in over time begins to become burned or hardwired into the neural circuitry of your brain. This is our brains way of making us efficient. Think of the first time you learned to drive a car. You were so conscious of where your foot was on the petal, that you sat upright and were vigilant – aware of every little thing that was going on around you. And you certainly couldn’t carry on a conversation or drink your coffee while driving. Through the practice of driving continuously though, these new learning’s became hardwired into your brain, becoming second nature to you. This is what enables you to carry on conversations or get lost in your thoughts for minutes at a time without having to concentrate on every aspect of your driving. The good thing is that none of this hardwired information in your brain is or needs to be permanent. Research in brain plasticity is showing us that when we want to change a behaviour or pattern that has become hardwired into our brains – we can. We can do this by simply breaking the pattern and re-writing in a new way of being.

With our six step program at Bloom, we will ensure that you get what it is you need to break the cycle of stress, anxiety and depression for once and for all. We will give you the necessary tools, Personal Development Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions that will help you to rewire your brain in a way that leaves you feeling both positive and empowered with great emotional health.

Why This Can Work For You: The Research Behind the Process

In research carried out by Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, he was able to demonstrate that he could take people who had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and have them rewire their brains in a successful way, allowing them to be free from obsessive thoughts. According to PET scans (Positron Emission Tomography) , people with OCD have certain parts of their brain that are overactive showing a continuous pattern of brain activity. It is like a perpetual worry circuit has been locked on in the OCD persons brain and continues to cycle around and around, never giving them a break from the dread and anxiety of their compulsive thoughts. Dr. Schwartz was able to demonstrate through a four step process he developed, that an individual with OCD could successfully alter their brain and rewire a worry circuit that had been locked on to a pleasure circuit. The approach he uses to have his patients rewire their brains is similar to the approach taken at Bloom. It is part mindful awareness and part cognitive behavior therapy. We at Bloom believe if people with such an extreme condition as OCD are able to overcome their affliction, that you too can rewire your brain for emotional success you desire.

Research done on individuals between the ages of 55 and 85 showed that those who felt they had personal mastery and control over life’s events had a 60% lower chance of death than those had no control over life’s events.

If you are ready to begin taking back your control, so that you can live life in a calm and enjoyable way, then please contact us today for your free – no obligation consultation and assessment. One of our hypnotherapists will be happy to help you learn how you can Bloom into your full potential.

You can break the cycle of panic, stress, anxiety or depression with hypnosis today. Find out how you can begin to think and feel more positive and confident about yourself and the world around you by calling us now!

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