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The benefits of this powerful hypnotic audio recording are three fold: Firstly you are benefiting from relaxation that comes along with entering into a hypnotic state such as: Slowing your heart rate, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow to major muscles, reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, improving concentration, reducing anger and frustration and boosting confidence to handle problems.

[audio:|titles=Building Self-Confidence]

Secondly, through being in a hypnotic trance,you will be able to receive the positive suggestions offered throughout this recording in the deeper unconscious levels of mind.

And finally you will learn how to create an anchor. An anchor is designed to bring you back into the state of mind you were in during hypnosis.On this recording we will be Creating the ZEN ANCHOR, where you will be instructed to place your thumb and index finger together as you enter into a state of peace and contentment. It is through receiving this suggestion, along with your intention to re-enter into a state of peace and contentment that will allow you re-create this feeling, and the many benefits that go along with it while you are in a waking state of consciousness.

*Never use this recording while driving or operating machinery.

Listen To Didi Vergados & Award Winning Hypnotist Mike Mandel In This FREE Podcast

About Dr. Mike Mandel

Widely regarded as one of the world’s most well known hypnotists, Dr. Mike Mandel has 18 nominations and 6 awards for excellence in entertainment. In June 2000 he was presented with the COCA Hall of Fame Award. Dr. Mike has also led to five tours of Britain, and has had appearances on CBCs Jonovision, YTV, Vision, W5, Discovery, Bravo! Arts and Minds, and numerous guest spots on Australian television.

Podcast Number 18: Hypnosis & Weight Management

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Listen To Didi Vergados As She is Interviewed by Canadian Hypnosis Conference Hosts Jo-Anne & Heather on: Sustainable Long Term Weight Loss With Hypnosis
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