Hypnosis, Personal Development Coaching & Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Included In Each Session

All of our practitioners at Bloom are Board Certified Hypnotherapists, with over 10 years of experience, and have extensive backgrounds in Personal Development Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Corporate Training. Because our practitioners are highly qualified, Bloom is able to offer a unique and comprehensive program which includes the benefits of these powerful modalities rolled into one.

In each session our hypnotherapists will work with you to create and track the progress of your goals, find out what is stopping you from achieving what you want, and implement new and effective strategies for you to achieve your goals. So whether you are trying to deal with anxiety or overwhelm, a phobia or develop more self confidence, we have the tools that can help.

Hypnotherapy Using The Latest Science and Research

At Bloom we strive to maintain the highest standard of hypnotherapy within the industry. We are always scanning the latest research for the most effective personal growth methods and techniques that science has proven will affect change. All of our techniques are backed with real world science and research.

Free Consultation & Assessment

At Bloom we have confidence in our ability to help you. During your free half hour consultation and assessment, our hypnotherapist will determine if Blooms unique blend of hypnotherapy and personal development coaching is for you. At Bloom Hypnosis it is important for us that we provide a, comfortable and confidential environment for you to feel safe in. If we agree that you are an excellent candidate, only then we will proceed with hypnotherapy.

Bloom Hypnosis Center is conveniently located in Toronto on Danforth Ave.