Alleviate Back Pain Through Hypnosis

Is you back pain bringing you down and holding you back from all the things you want to do? Do you find yourself taking medications that make you so relaxed you just don’t want to do anything? How would you like to get back to being the way you were? At Bloom we can help.

Back Pain & Chronic Patterns Of Tension

As human beings we can go through many emotions on a given day. Some of which may include, happiness, sadness, excitement, stress or overwhelm. When we engage in a specific emotional state that is not harmonious with our systems such as stress, upset, worry or anger, these states can be reflected in our bodies as patterns of tension. Most often these patterns are created out of our conscious awareness – on an unconscious level, and over time can manifest itself as a condition know as Tension Myositis syndrome causing back pain.

According to Dr. John E. Sarno who has worked with chronic back pain as an attending physician at The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, (Considered the best rehabilitation hospital in New York and among the top ten in the country since 1989) one of the underlying causes of TMS can be psychosomatic, or stem from our inability to deal with our emotions in a healthy way. In his practice he helps his patients to overcome TMS through education and writing about emotional issues. For those who need further help in dealing with the emotional state behind their chronic tension patterns he includes psychotherapy and support groups.


How Hypnosis Can Help

Through hypnosis, we can directly explore what is causing the chronic tension patterns you are experiencing on an unconscious level. Once we identify the cause underlying these tension patterns we can then help you to alleviate them through assisting you in developing new and healthy ways of dealing with the underlying cause. This may include creating strategies for dealing with unconscious stress response, learning how to process your emotions in a healthy way and deal with internal conflicts you may be having. The Benefits of Hypnosis.

The benefit of working with back pain or Tension Myositis Syndrome though hypnosis is that we get to the heart of the matter rapidly and efficiently. What that means is that you do not have to spend time attending educational programs, psychotherapy, group support groups or journaling about your emotions. We go directly into your unconscious where the tension may be stemming from and identify the cause. We then create personalized strategies and new ways of being for you to overcome chronic tension patterns so that you can begin to experience relief more quickly than the traditional approach.


Don’t suffer any longer then you have to.