Carole Chiswell, Hypnotherapist

Carole Chiswell – Transformational Change Specialist

Caroles training includes, A Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming, specializing in Health (1999), Hypnotherapy, carole-chiswell_008-copy-copyLife Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Neurofeedback. Carole is also Certified Trainer in The Wealthymind program. Carole is enthralled with the idea of transformation. She believes that we all have untapped potential and can’t wait to help you realize yours. So whether you suffer from anxiety, have a phobia or simply want to quit smoking, Carole will help you to transform from your present state of being, into your version of the ideal you. Because she believes in a multifaceted approach towards change, she has sought out a variety of modalities she feels will help you to both transform and maximize your potential. Carole will be available to provide Neurofeedback in Toronto at the Danforth Office location during selected times throughout the year.

Carole currently practices out of our Peachland (Near Kelowna), BC office.